Roulette Systems – Do They Work

There are a lot of roulette systems out there, however there has to be doubt on a lot of them when you consider the game itself is based on pure chance. Mathematically speaking, each and every number has the same chance of turning up on every spin. Mathematically, the same number could be drawn infinitely. We know this doesn’t happen, however it is that randomness that makes many systems unworkable.

One of the best systems is the Martindale System for roulette. This system is fine in principle and will make you a tiny profit 99 times out of 100. The 100th time could wipe out all your profits. The system itself is fairly easy to understand.

Select any of the even money bets, say red or black, and stick to it. Let’s select red for this example. You betting on the roulette wheel finishing on a red number each and every spin. If you lose, you double your bet. This is a 50/50 bet and as you are doubling your bet each time, as soon as your color comes up you win, recover your loses and make a small profit.

Easy system to understand, easy to follow and easy to implement. The problem arises when your run of outs exceeds the casinos maximum bet for roulette. This can happen quickly. For example, playing a £1 bet on a table with a £250 maximum bet – start at £1, your bets would be: £1, £2, £4, £8, £16, £32, £64, £128, £256 = oops = max bet is £250. That is a run of nine losses.

I have seen roulette tables with a run of 14 consecutive black numbers. That string of losses will total over £500. If you get one winner, say at £128, you will recover your £128 bet plus your losses to that point of £127 for a profit of £1 = would you back a horse at odds of 1/128 – probably not. As you can see you would need 500 wins to get a profit of £500 to cover that one string of nine losses.

Don’t get me wrong. Many people have used this system and made money – not enough to retire on – but they have made money. It’s your call. Try it out and see how your go.

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